Stephen Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick founded OVO Energy in 2009. The company was the culmination of a five-year plan during which he received a licence from Ofgem, the U.K. energy regulator, and saved the £350,000 to start the business. As of July 2016, the company served 685,000 customers and employed over 1000 people in Bristol and London. He acknowledged his inexperience with the energy market and used the five years to study the industry as well as credited the experience he gained with complex finances during those five years as critical to the company's survival. In 2014 Fitzpatrick won Entrepreneur of the Year at the National Business Awards.

Caleb Newton Bowtah

Young, enthusiastic and multifaceted Designer, with Interior Architecture background & experience in Sales Management.

Caleb has keen interest in All things Design, Solution oriented Leadership, Public speaking, Interpersonal relationships, Music & Live Audio Visual Production.

Caleb is an astute christian.

Frederick Falade

Frederick is an businessman as well as a Christian Business Mentor with extensive experience in start-ups and incubating businesses to succeed.

Frederick has over 10 years experience in Security Solutions and Cloud infrastructures, Broadband Solutions as well as Systems Infrastructure Engineering. He also has over 12 years experience in setting up and managing companies as well as maintaining them.

Ernest O. Mintah

I am a Systems Analyst. Co-founder of BISEN, a business enabler in Accra. I live in Accra. I like to drink coffee and read books. 

I am a social media accelerator as well as a design specialist.